Sunday, 6 April 2014

Review: READY to go makeup!

Whether you are a makeup fanatic or you are a newbie to the world of minerals, this bareMinerals READY to Go Complexion Perfection Palette is a great value product. 

Priced at around £34 and available from various retailers including this kit was the perfect solution to my makeup travel problems. 

Designed for when you want to travel light / and also those occasions when you don't want to be slathering on and sweating off liquid foundation, or maybe you want your skin to be able to breath in hot conditions but bare the dehydration of an aeroplane environment (in my case - ALL of the above!) mineral makeup is the way to go.

I have only ever tried mineral powders from this brand, the biggest of mineral makeup retailers bareMinerals, and that was years ago. Having gone away earlier in February this year, it was my perfect opportunity to make this as my go to kit for complexion perfection in 30 degree heat.

No bigger than an A5 notepad, the sleek handy case is packed with 5 top quality products, and two brushes including an instructional booklet on how to use everything (hello gifting opportunity!).

When you use this palette your really do not need anything else for your complexion needs - everything is included! 

I used the kit shade R170 (I would say this was medium / fair skin tone, suitable for those who want a more yellow undertone). When I am used to the hefty coverage of a liquid foundation I always doubt the capabilities of coverage when it comes to mineral. 

But I sucked up my doubts and got buffing the foundation into my skin, and things were soon looking a lot less red, and a lot more concealed. 

A great foundation for a natural look, and I think that is something we all (well most of us!) strive for in a foundation. 

I dabbed a little of the concealer on my finger tips and used under the eyes, and any place, like my chin for example that had suffered some breakouts. It is a very blendable formula and isn't as dark as it may look, but i think one of my reservations with this was it's slightly cakey appearance under the eyes. 

Still using the two great quality brushes in the kit, I applied some bronzer and some luminizer to the cheeks / cheek bones and under the brows. 

Coverage wise for complexion this is a great product -  the combination of the concealer, touch up veil and foundation work amazingly to deliver a extremely natural finish, evening out your skin tone. However perhaps it is my constant usage of highly pigmented products from the likes of Nars / MAC that have spoiled provided me with disappointment when I used the bronzer and luminizer from this set. They just didn't seem to do enough. I am used to a light hand with my bronzing products but this I felt like I needed to layer and layer to get any results.

I would definitely recommend this if you are looking to get into the world of mineral makeup, it's a great price from a great company and provides a fabulous finish from one set of products. Whether you are in school, travelling or just perhaps suffering from unhappy skin - mineral makeup is often suggested as the way to go! 

If you already have a few bits and pieces from the bareMinerals / other mineral collections and you are happy, I would probably save my money here, as the kit really features small versions of full size products. 

A great gift or discovery set though! I will be using this for travel again in the future!

The set includes the following & has a value of £81:

bareMinerals READY® SPF20 Foundation in R170 (Light, Netural Tone) 4.5g
bareMinerals READY® SPF15 Touch Up Veil in Light 4.5g
bareMinerals READY® Bronzer in The Skinny Dip 3g
bareMinerals READY® Luminizer in The Love Affair 3g
bareMinerals SPF20 Correcting Concealer in Light in 2 - 1g 
bareMinerals Mini Precision Face Brush 
bareMinerals Mini Tapered Face Brush 
bareMinerals Keepsake Makeup Clutch

Let me know your thoughts on mineral makeup! 

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Back in Business

I am back from my travels, and back into the world of blogging.

Although - this post has taken me way longer than I anticipated it would to write.

In short, I came back from an great trip visiting my friend Loren and decided to shake my life up a little bit. As a result I feel like I am juggling quite a lot, but really am eager to get posting and back in the community.

I am back in the Gym, and enjoying it! Back working the 9-5 & studying hard for my Human Biology exam in May! All of those activities are taking a lot of time out of my week, so I am going to have to reduce the amount of posts I publish - maybe 3 posts a week instead of the every other day routine.

Let me know how you are all doing? Are there any new blogs I should check out?

New posts to follow this week!

Friday, 14 February 2014

Be Back Soon - On my Travels

Hello Hello & Happy Valentines!

Tomorrow I am going to be boarding a flight to the Philippines to stay with one of my good friends for a couple of weeks! We are going to be shopping, exploring & adventuring & I am so excited about it! Can't wait to get away from chilly England and experience actual sunshine!

Whilst I am away there is only a small chance I will be posting.  However I thought it would be nice to let y'all know that if you do comment / wish to contact me, I might reply later than usual! Yes, this is my out of office essentially.

Rememeber though there are lots of posts from past weeks, so sign up via email, Bloglovin' or even add me to your G+ circles, to keep up to date. If you want more instant updates, feel free to follow my Instagram / Twitter (links in sidebar), I am more likely to be checking in on there when I can.

On another note, I would like to say thanks to everyone of you who read, comment and support this blog, the beauty blogger community is a great one to be a part of!

Ps. leave your own blog links below if you fancy! 

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